This ongoing body of work was shot in the Marais and the Beaumarchais districts of Paris. The walls in older parts of the city show long standing and continuous tensions between the voices of individuals and those of authority (which some describe as a national characteristic). There's a strange quality to these surfaces, which combine ghosts of this mysterious indirect narrative with the unique patina of endless (and only partly successful) cleansing treatments applied to stone.

Although initially made as studies for painting, these photographs were satisfactory in themselves. At the time of their making I was interested in a range of things, in particular finding visual form for (metaphorical) ideas about the fragmented nature of memory. I was (and remain) particularly interested in exploring something about the forensics of surfaces, particularly those found in ill-formed, incomplete traces. This work also stimulated thoughts about resilience, damage and healing. They do, however, offer starting points for all kinds of reflection, a theme which has run through my practice for a number of years.

Prints are 28 cm square, and in editions of 10.

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