Paris Mosquee (2007-2014)

These are examples from a project looking at the surfaces of the small prayer room of the Great Mosque in central Paris, a wonderful building erected by Moroccan Muslims in Paris in the 1920s. The photographs, taken between between 2006 and 2014, in a city well known for controversial relationships with north African immigrants (and during a period of continuing international 'terror' paranoia stretching from 911 to the current IS issue) the beauty, quiet and tranquility of this space evokes an antithesis of the tensions experienced elsewhere in the city.

Whilst the floor, worn down and buffed up by almost a century of prayer, rugs and stockinged feet, offers interesting abstractions in the reflections of the building's architecture and what lies beyond the establishment's perimeter, veiled curtains offer a glimpse into a private space of contemplation and prayer. Light plays on these surfaces, renewing these esperiences continuously.

Prints are 8" square, and in editions of 10.

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