Green and Pleasant Land

This small series of photographs looks at the surface of the grass following the annual PRIDE celebrations in Brighton's Preston Park.

At least a year of planning and organisation leads to a week of intense building and physical preparation: fencing, marquees, kiosks, toilets, stages and other fairground furniture are installed, temporarily crushing and depriving the grass of light and air; a day and night of intense celebrations are then enjoyed by around 80,000 party goers.

Suddenly, the party's over. Two days of dismantling, clearing and cleaning-up follow, and the landscape displays surreal residues, as areas of suffocated grass stop dying and are suddenly dazzled by daylight and allowed to breathe again. Its colour and complexion have changed completely, and reveal a strange imprint of what has taken place. Inevitably, the healing process begins, and the ground gradually consumes all evidence that anything ever happened. 

Prints are 21cm by 21 cm, in editions of 10.

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