Tony Bowen

Tony Bowen graduated in Fine Art in 1983. Following postgraduate study (art and design education) in 1985, he has divided his time between personal practice and art and design education (teaching, course design and curriculum leadership) chiefly in the post-compulsory sector.

Working with painting through the eighties and nineties, a developing interest in making photographs gradually emerged: initially informing and supporting work in other media, and subsequently as outcomes in their own right.

A preoccupation with marks and their interpretation has spanned many years. Recent work focuses largely on the exploration of found surfaces in nature and in the urban environment, a rich source of interest, surprise, beauty, mystery and interpretation. This practice invites exploration of the confluence of two lasting fascinations: firstly, atmospheric and formal considerations; secondly, the power of the trace, the fragment and the unresolved to provoke the imagination in unexpected ways. A hunter rather than a farmer (to use Jeff Wall's analogy) his work is made without any intervention on location, and with minimal post production. 

Work has been shown in the UK and the USA (see CV).

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